My week. And it's not over yet!

- Micah and Luke collapsed, sick, in the evening.
- We worked hard to eek out as many family moments as possible in between naps, coughing, and misery so we could enjoy Christmas together.
- Put the house back together and did a deep-clean after taking down Christmas decor.
- Luke's sickness increased by 100%.
- Dennis and Ellie left for northern California to visit all three of Dennis' families. (It was supposed to be a Father/Teen trip that the four of them had been looking forward to, but since Micah and Luke could not travel, it became a Father/Daughter trip. And Ellie was THRILLED!)
- Took Luke to the doctor because his skin was actually red from fever, he could not speak, and could barely walk on his own. The doc looked at him for one second and cried, "WHOA!" She gave me six hours to get his fever under control, and if it did not decrease, instructed me to take him to the ER.
- His fever lowered enough to be safe around 5 pm.
- Spent the next 20 hours waking him up every four to six hours to give him fever meds and check his temperature.
- Completed 10 loads of laundry. (Mattress pads/sheets/blankets/comforters x's 8 and all clothes that were worn by sick people the past two days.)
- Josiah and Isaiah dropped at 6 pm.
- The fire alarm in my bedroom decided to die at 2 am, screaming with great volume. Micah and I spent 30 minutes trying to fix it, with no success, and finally ripped it out of the ceiling.
- Began the day with four loads of laundry. (May as well finish ALL of it while playing nurse, right? Final count: 14 loads)
- Caleb dropped at 9 am.
- Set phone alarm for all four boy's fever meds so I would not forget who needed what when.
- Market run.
- Shopped for new mattresses while everyone slept or watched movies. (all five boys need new ones)
- Micah was back to normal around 2 pm. Yay!
- Luke is functioning at 70%. Yes!
- Sat down at 5 pm with absolutely NO intention of getting up again until tomorrow morning.

So, there you go.
My post-Christmas week.
Now, tell me about YOURS! <grin>

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