Happy 50th Birthday to you - DENNIS!

50 reasons we LOVE - APPRECIATE - RESPECT - ENJOY Dennis Eastman!
{List created joyfully by Micah, Luke, Caleb, Josiah, Isaiah, Ellie, and Michelle}

Dennis is ...
50. Loyal
49. Kind
48. Loving
47. Comical and entertaining
46. A strong leader
45. A terrific father
44. A faithful husband
43. A wonderful example of a Christian
42. Helpful
41. Ambitious
40. An excellent teacher and trainer of teachers
39. Active
38. Adventurous
37. A defender of the orphan and the widow
36. Affectionate
35. A man of integrity
34. Godly
33. Strong
32. He protects and defends our family
31. He hugs and kisses us
30. He tells us he loves us
29. Thoughtful
28. Hyper and fun
27. He works hard to provide for his family
26. He sacrifices his own wants and needs for his family
25. He takes us on bike rides
24. Creative
23. Wise, and shares his wisdom with us through conversation and letters
22. Passionate
21. Hardworking
20. Bold
19. Enthusiastic
18. He tells fantastic stories
17. He welcomes people into our home
16. Diligent
15. Humble
14. He tucks us in at night and prays with us
13. He counsels and encourages young men
12. He is willing to listen to and accept instruction and correction
11. Quick to repent
10. A servant
9. Compassionate
8. He has a passion for serving the neglected and ignored
7. He plays football, basketball, and baseball with us
6. He takes us on dates to spend time with us
5. Gracious
4. Forgiving
3. Willing to overlook an offense
2. He assumes the best and gives people the benefit of the doubt
1. He chooses to love us, day after day - and he loves us well.

Happy Birthday, Dennis!

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