~ Christmas Memories 2017 ~

We kicked off our Christmas weekend with a visit from my Dad.
A lot of talking, dinner, a few games of Corn Hole, and homemade apple pie to close out the night.
Thanks for coming to visit, Dad!

We had a surprise visit from our Falcusan boys - acting as elves!
A gift for every Eastman kid ... and each one was appreciated and enjoyed.

And they surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet of Christmas flowers!
Thanks, guys! You made my day!

Christmas Eve began with a lovely service at our church.
A perfect way to begin the day - music, worship, and listening to the Word of God preached with passion and truth - all enjoyed with the body of Christ.
And then - Family Christmas!

I love that Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie still find great delight in the gift-giving part of Christmas!

Christmas Day!
We were hit with illness - fever, and aches for our two oldest - but we persevered and did the best we could to capture short moments in between naps and coughing to celebrate and enjoy Christmas together.
It was more relaxed than we had planned, but it was a good day.
How thankful I am we do not worship our Savior one day a year - but EVERY day - for He came "that we might have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY." John 10:10

MERRY CHRISTMAS! ❤With love from, the Eastmans❤

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