50 Days of DENNIS!

On December 30th, Dennis will be 50 years old.
He is not a "birthday party" guy and we cannot send him to Australia for ten days of surfing (his dream), so we had to get creative when trying to figure out HOW to celebrate his 50 years of life.
Inspiration struck when the Lord reminded me that Dennis appreciates words of affirmation.

The result?
50 Days of Dennis!
We contacted family, his friends (as far back as childhood), and colleagues to invite them to participate in the celebration, and fifty people said, "YES! Count me in!"

Dennis was blown away when I presented our gift to him.
50 cards/letters/gifts/dates graciously given by people who appreciate and love him.
One surprise EVERY DAY for 50 days!
This is going to be SO much FUN! 

We love you, Dennis!
Happy 50th Birthday!

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