Dennis, Biola, and Cambodia = Mutual Admiration and Affection.

People often ask, "What does Dennis DO when he travels to other countries?"
Well, here is a snapshot of how he and the Biola team spent their time in Cambodia! Enjoy!

The Khmer teachers at Asian Hope
This is the sixth year Dennis and his colleagues have traveled to Cambodia to train the Khmer teachers. Because of their consistent connection, the Biola team has enjoyed the privilege of witnessing the growth and maturity of these men and women as they increase in knowledge, understanding,
and practical application year after year.
The team loves that the conversation picks up right where it left off the year before and that every trip feels like a Family Reunion! When Dennis and his colleagues walked into the school last week, they were greeted with cheers and applause. "Biola is HERE!" These two groups clearly share an equal admiration and affection for one another - and it is precious.

Presentation Time!
The team spent four days, eight hours per day, training teachers.
The topics: Classroom Management and Student Engagement
They were thrilled to have a Biola Teacher Education graduate travel with them this year!
Bre (top right, holding paper) wanted to be part of the Biola Cambodia experience and Dennis said it was exciting to witness a former student using her skills to instruct the Khmer teachers.

When the electricity goes out in the middle of the training session, no problem!
Just move the class sessions outside!
90-degree heat with 80% humidity OUTside is cooler than no airflow INside!

 The Biola University School of Education TEAM!
Carolyn - Dennis - Carly - Kris - Bre

One of the many perks that accompany international travel - FOOD!
Coconut consumption is Cambodian treat and Dennis took full advantage of it.
How do they cut them open? With a machete, of course! Slice - insert straw - ENJOY!

The team spent a sobering, yet important day touring the Killing Fields and the Genocide Memorial in Phnom Penh. If we are not intentional about remembering - we will forget.

I love this photo and what it represents, including the entry Dennis wrote in his own hand.
A book dedicated to capturing the impact made on those who walk through the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. People from all over the world share their thoughts, in their own language, about a horrific part of Cambodian history. Not one person who walks the floors of this building can change what happened, but they can honor the memory of those who suffered within its walls.

Thank You, Lord, for creating a mutually-edifying relationship between the Biola School of Education team and the wonderful people of Asian Hope. You changed the heart of my husband during his first visit to Cambodia, and You continue to increase his empathy and compassion each time he returns. I pray You will continue to provide for the needs of the school and bless the obedience and sacrificial service of those who minister to the precious children with love and tenderness every single day. This ministry and these children are in Your hands, Father, and there is no better place they could possibly be.
We surrender them to Your care, and trust that Your will be done.

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