A confirmed lesson.

Last night the Lord used a godly older woman to direct my thoughts even deeper into the purpose and benefit of studying God's Word.

I love when the Lord confirms a lesson He has been teaching me.
He makes it crystal clear that He is the teacher, I am the student, and keeps me focused on the details of the lessons until I am fully surrendered to His calling and His will.
I will admit, I have been known to close my notebook, toss my pencil across the room, and drop my head on my desk when I feel overwhelmed or simply do not care for the particular lesson being taught.
But, just as a good teacher does everything possible to engage his student, the Lord does the same with this rebel. Sometimes He simply has to call my name to draw me back. Other times He must stand beside my desk, hovering, until I look up. And every once in a while, He finds it necessary to thwack my desk with His ruler because I refuse to sit up straight, focus, and obey.

Thankfully, I am a willing, active participant for the current lesson, and though I need a stern hand to keep me on the right track so I do not lose heart or stray, I have not had to endure any hovering or thwackings from the Lord. He has encouraged me through His Word, other believers, and quotes by godly men. And for these things - I am thankful!

Immerse yourself in the written Word of God.
Saturate your mind with it so you spill over with truth.
- John Piper

Be an expert on the Word of God and you will always know what to say to the culture. 
- John MacArthur

There is no sin-killer like the Word of God.
Wherever it comes, it comes as a sword, and inflicts death upon evil. 
- C. H. Spurgeon

As an ordinary Christian, go deep in the Word and prayer,
and then go boldly into your sphere of influence. 
- Steffen Mueller

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