This and That.

The past eight days have been pretty intense in the Eastman home. While my mind has been rotating through prayer, reading the Word, and listening to worship music and sermons, I have also watched clean comedians and stupid movies to make me LAUGH so I can maintain proper perspective while we wade through the messiness and unexpected trials of life. How grateful I am that we have a God with a sense of humor! We know He has a sense of humor because we were created in His image, which means if we laugh, so does He!

Mom Eastman and D's sister, Denise, came down for a quick visit last week.
What a wonderful time we had with them! Dennis and Denise enjoyed a brother/sister date while the rest of us entertained Mom for an afternoon, and then we spent the evening together at the beach.
A gorgeous sunset, perfect weather, and s'mores capped off a delightful day.
We always look forward to their visits and miss them already!

The traditional Mother/Son photo! ♥ As we approach ORPHAN AWARENESS Month, I cannot help but praise God for bringing mom and dad Eastman to the orphanage where Dennis was living - at just the right time - and had them peer into his crib - at just the right time - when he was smiling and gurgling, and mom looked at the social worker - at just the right time - and said, "I choose HIM. This is our son."
And - at just the right time - they wrapped him up and took him - HOME.
But we must remember ... adoption can be as painful as it is beautiful because someone must lose a child - so another can gain one.
Father, please, heal the wounded hearts of the women who were forced to surrender their children, and heal the hearts of those who selflessly and willingly surrendered their children to another.
Adoption is a beautiful picture of redemption and grace, but it rarely takes place without sorrow and sadness. We do not always understand or even like Your ways, Lord, but we can trust You and PRAISE YOU because all day, every day, You create "just the right moments."

Micah was thrilled when asked to play drums in the main church services on Sunday!
He started dreaming of being inside the plastic cage when he was in junior high and picked up drumsticks for the first time - and played well.
I will never forget the day. Not one lesson, yet he could play. As he says, "It is the one place I feel safe and confident - behind an instrument."
Dyslexia creates chaos for him academically, but music brings peace - and JOY. And for this truth, we are incredibly thankful.

We now have another Eastman earning a paycheck and paying taxes in our home.
Luke is now an employee of the In-N-Out Empire!
The process of hiring was interesting and he showed a great amount of patience and persistence while waiting to find out if he would be slicing potatoes, swirling shakes, and donning the famous white apron and hat.
He has already projected how much he will earn in the next year, how he will save, and how he can advance during the remainder of his high school career.
Well done, Luke! We know you will be an asset to the establishment!
- It is important to us that our boys know how to work hard - and - how to work hard for different employers with varying personalities, and philosophies. They will, after all, be working for the rest of their lives, so there is no better time to train than when they are young and full of energy and life holds endless possibilities for their futures.
We are proud of you, Micah and Luke! You are hard workers and we know you will continue to grow in the months and years ahead. -

With some cash for my birthday, I chose to purchase BOOKS!
I have an intense desire to read biographies right now.
Stories about the passions, legacies, and lives of godly men and women who changed the world with and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I want to know what drove them - what inspired them - how they overcame hardship - and most of all, how they created such a fiery passion for the Lord that kept them singularly focused on His calling for each of their lives.
I cannot wait to get started!

It was a relaxing 103 degrees at our house today - in October! - and since we just happen to be studying the sun in our astronomy curriculum, it was the PERFECT day to set up an experiment that shows how we can focus the heat of the sun with a magnifying glass.
The fact that we felt like we were melting at about the same rate of the blocks of butter and chocolate gave the lesson even greater impact!
We moved onto leaf burning for round two.
Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie thought it was pretty cool that the sun could make a leaf burn with a little piece of plastic!
(And yes, we had a hose on standby so as not to start another fire in the OC! Safety First!)

~~ Happy Monday, everyone!

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