46.  Beautiful flowers
45.  Wind
44.  Sitting on the sand, staring at the ocean, being reminded how small I am, and how big God is
43.  Chocolate
42.  Sleeping in
41.  Laughing - and people who make me laugh!
40.  Enjoying a Tea Date with a friend
39.  Easter Sunday
38.  Deep, purposeful, thoughtful conversations that leave me feeling equally convicted and encouraged
37.  Reading biographies of godly, passionate men and women who served God without apology or fear
36.  Being trusted with the hurts and heart of another
35.  Listening to godly men preach the Word of God passionately and without shame
34.  Reading and memorizing Scripture
33.  Singing hymns and worship songs with my brothers and sisters in Christ
32.  Marriage
31.  Motherhood
30.  Ministry
29.  Spending time with our extended family
28.  Drinking ice cold water on a hot day
27.  Getting handwritten letters in the mail
26.  Hugs and kisses on the cheek from my teen boys
25.  Godly grandparents who prayed for me
24.  A husband who loves, protects, and defends me
23.  Forgiveness
22.  Mercy
21.  Grace
20.  Faithful friends
19.  The wounds of faithful friends
18.  Godly, older women who willingly give their time to invest in and disciple me
17.  A delicious cup of tea, a flickering candle, a soft blanket, and a good book - at the same time
16.  Friends who accept me as I am, faults, weaknesses and all
15.  Thought-provoking, kick-you-in-the-backside, you-limp-away-after-reading-them quotes
14.  Breakfast buffets
13.  Museums
12.  Huge, full, green trees
11.  Old friends
10.  Watching my children play with and serve each other
  9.  Listening to my children talk to and laugh with their father
  8.  The blessing of seven children ... six who live with me here on earth and a son who has only                         known the joys of heaven, yet continues to make an impact on the earth
  7.  The joy of being raised in the Christian faith, growing up in church, and being taught to hide                         God's Word in my heart since I was a little girl
  6.  Beautiful stationery, leather-bound journals, and "the perfect pen"
  5.  New shoes
  4.  Fun jewelry
  3.  Being allowed to serve our Orphan Care families, and trusted to know their stories
  2.  Friends and family who love us, care for us, pray for us, and serve us when we are in need
  1.  LIFE!

On my 46th birthday, these are the things for which I am truly ❤ THANKFUL! ❤

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