Wedding FUN!

This is my favorite photo of the wedding day!
My sweet Karen. ❤
The Lord had her stroll into my life two years ago, and before one month was complete she was sitting on my couch offering every detail of her life and asking how she could be more like Christ.
She trusted me with her past, her emotions, her fears - and her heart.
She is not the same woman she was two years ago. She dove headlong into Scripture seeking to understand her identity and value in Christ, so much so that when she read her vows to Brett on Sunday she said, "I decided I would marry someone who saw me how God has chosen to see me."
"... in that day I will make you My treasured possession, my jewel." Malachi 3:17
Being a guest at her wedding was honor enough, but she also asked me to arrive early to pray with her before the ceremony. What a precious time that was, and a memory I will not forget.
We took this photo right after we prayed, and I love it.
I love that she is on my lap, indicating affection and intimacy.
I love that she is in her wedding dress.
I love that we both have joyful, sincere smiles.
I love that we are together.
When we are old and gray (in my case older and grayer), we will look at this photo - and remember.
We will remember God's faithfulness, His provision, His correction, His forgiveness, His grace, and His unfailing love for two of His daughters who desperately needed to see ourselves - through HIS eyes.

It is just too easy and predictable to take a nice, posed photo at a wedding, so we decided to have some fun with our photo shoot! There are several other shots, but this one makes me smile the most!

Our traditional COMMITTED wedding photo!
We always take a fun one - and then compose ourselves for the serious one.
We wanted a different pose than the last wedding, but Karen's dress would not 'bend' so we had to get creative.
Hence, the Cleopatra I-am-being-carried-around-and-adored-by-those-who-love-me pose. It is fitting because we DO adore and love our sister,
and would do anything to serve her!

I have known this young woman since she was 12 years old. When she walked down the stairs wearing this lovely garment (she was the soloist so she dressed to match the bridal colors) I exclaimed, "I know that dress! You look like Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas!"
Later, I shared the same sentiment with the other girls and they unanimously agreed. So, we paid homage to the movie musical genre by bursting into song singing "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" until we were laughing.
And, of course, we had to capture the moment on film!
As a former ballet dancer, Demi knew how to pose to show off the dress and the shoes - and she was spot on! Such fun!

I had the privilege of meeting these two young women long before the wedding, but our time together at the rehearsal and the wedding solidified our connection.
They are both outgoing, energetic, quick to laugh, and eager to encourage and offer support to those closest to them.
We agreed it would be terrific if they lived out here so they could join COMMITTED!
Brittany and Sara - you are a DELIGHT! Thank you for making me feel so welcome and loved.

Dennis has known these two young men, Geoffrey and Brandon, for several years and he always enjoys his time with them!
They have both allowed Dennis to encourage them, support them, and cheer them on as they pursue the callings the Lord has placed on their lives.
Both men are quick to smile, quick to laugh, and always ready to serve.
Thank you for letting Dennis share in your lives, guys ... he appreciates you!

Sam and Tiffany! Dennis and I enjoyed spending the evening with them, laughing, trying hand-made ice cream sandwiches, discussing important issues and things that have absolutely no significance.
There is no end to the conversation when we are together. We love it!

My date!
You did a fantastic job officiating the wedding, Dennis. You were light-hearted, funny, biblical, and intentional ... exactly what Brett and Karen desired. There was no one else they wanted to lead them on this special day ... they wanted YOU. And you delivered.
I was proud to be the wife of the man who spoke truth from God's Word, challenged and encouraged the couple to pursue godliness first in the marriage, to serve when they would rather sleep, to forgive when they would rather hold a grudge, and to offer grace when they would rather pass judgment.
You were unashamed to say the name of Jesus, and you boldly spoke the words Brett and Karen wanted their guests to hear.
Thank you for making their ceremony memorable.
You put Christ in the center of everything - and He was glorified.
I love you.

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