This and that.

A day to sleep in and enjoy time as a family without any schoolwork, meetings, or commitments. YES!
Let the refreshment of the weekend BEGIN!

We kick off each weekend with a Friday night flag football game!
Josiah and Isaiah are on the same team - the Raiders. (Dennis' favorite NFL team since he was eight-years-old. He takes a lot of ribbing for his choice in teams, but always replies with a smile and, "I am a loyal fan - not a bandwagoner!" HA! HA!)
Josiah and Isaiah are having a blast playing football and eagerly RUN to the field each week ready to play. And win or lose, they are full of smiles!
Micah is now legally allowed to drive the streets of America! (With an adult who is 25+ years of age.)
His motivation was low at first, seeing that we require our teens to pay for their own car insurance, gas, and maintenance of any vehicle they drive, but after working hard for a year, saving money, and studying for his permit in between being buried in books for his school studies - he is ready!
Six months behind the wheel
+ a driver's test in March
will hopefully = a licensed driver!
Good luck, Micah!

I am devouring this biography right now.
I have always been fascinated by the life of D. L. Moody, having heard many stories about him, and reading dozens of fantastic quotes, but have never personally studied the man himself.
I have only reached his 25th year of life thus far, but my goodness did he accomplish MUCH in his first century! Thankfully, his passion and industrious nature inspire me rather than make me regret the wasted time in my own 45 years of life. If the Lord gives me only ten more years of life, I can accomplish a great deal for the Kingdom if I model my actions after Moody's! That man did more in one day to serve "the least of these" than most people accomplish in a year!

He was criticized for his zeal (and his methods), but he was undaunted by such opinions. God put a fire in his heart for the unwanted and the unsaved - and he pursued them with everything he had - mind, body, and soul - regardless of the thoughts and negative opinions of others. I want to emulate this steadfast nature of his. I am criticized often, but I am not always swift to cast off the negative comments to remain focused on what God has called me to do. Embarrassingly, the criticism sometimes distracts me enough to slow me down and take my eyes off of the goal: Obedience. As my wise cousin, Laura, encouraged me, "Obedience to the Lord is the measure of success - not the opinions of others. WALK IN OBEDIENCE." Dwight L. Moody lived this truth, and the more I learn of him, the more I am challenged and encouraged to do the same.

Dennis was invited to speak at a teacher's convention in Sacramento this week, and was honored to be able to say, "Yes! I will attend!" He presented four different seminars in two days to eager and enthusiastic crowds, and loved every minute of it! Teaching truly is his gifting!
I include this photo because, of COURSE, he chose to order his entire lunch from a BACON TRUCK! One of his life's mantras: Bacon should be its own food group!

The littles and I enjoyed our collection of school lessons this week. 
Noah and the flood, the Ice Age, and Dinosaurs were the topics of study.
We read about dinosaurs, measured their length in the backyard to understand their enormous size, and then made our own fossils!
Coffee grounds, flour, salt, and a collection of twigs, shells, and rocks produced some fun results.
I am thankful Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie dive into our studies with enthusiasm! Their excitement has even lured Caleb (who is also studying the Ancients) into our activities/experiments when he hears their laughter and shouts of glee.
I pray they will always maintain a desire to learn - and to do so with JOY.

Happy Weekend, everyone!
May it be filled with wonderful opportunities to serve, encourage, and love others the way Christ loves us!

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