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I hope you enjoyed a terrific week and will be able to use the weekend to relax and refresh your minds and bodies while enjoying all the delights that surround you each day.
And, I hope you are able to engage in a wonderful time of worship with brothers and sisters in Christ Sunday morning. Sitting under the passionate teaching of God's Word is a fantastic way to prepare for the week ahead and be inspired to dive in God's Word on your own to discover what He has waiting for you within its pages. ❤

I love this picture of Micah.
Though he is a younger version of Dennis in most ways (talkative, energetic, creative, and entertaining) he also has an introspective and thoughtful side.
We rarely witness this aspect of our son because he generally leaves the house when he needs peace and solitude.
It just so happened that I was able to capture this moment when we were out together with our G3 and he broke away from the crowd for a few minutes of quiet.
I love Micah, and I love his heart.

Speaking of our G3 ...
I was able to snap this photo on the way into Costco.
(One of the benefits of finally owning a smart phone - constant camera access!)
EVERY time we go somewhere, this is how they walk.
The twins with Ellie, one on each side, and Toby in the middle of Josiah and Isaiah.
I have witnessed it a hundred times, but it doesn't matter. It makes me smile every-single-time I see it!

This photo makes me laugh because it looks like everyone is in the tropics when they are actually standing in an Island's a parking lot!
(Well done on the landscaping, Islands!)
The kids are with Mr. Joe.
A dear friend who spoils us with a delicious lunch or dinner every year when we have our "Mr. Joe date."
He is fun, friendly, thoughtful, generous, and always excited to see our family.
We enjoy Joe very much and are thankful he calls us FRIENDS!

This is one of my favorite views.
Every afternoon we close the house down to all activity and spend one to two hours listening to audio books while the kids play quietly on the rug.
They need to stop moving so their bodies can rest and recharge. 
We have listened to some fantastic pieces of literature together and the peaceful hours of quiet and calm are welcomed and appreciated by all of us.
With the voluminous amount of books we read each year for our educational studies, I am often remiss to pull out and read our favorite books from our collection.
In an effort to remedy this, I decided to pull out EVERY book, place them on the hearth so they cannot be missed, and read through the entire stack before the 2017-18 school year begins.
It takes an hour to read 12 books, and we have 120+ books to tackle, so I think we just might make it!
Wish us luck!

When you have no air conditioning
and no pool, you must get creative when trying to keep cool!
The three littles play with the hose, in the sprinklers, and with buckets, but Josiah decided it was time for a new kind of water play. "Water and Wheelbarrows!"
It's pretty simple. They fill up the wheelbarrow with water and then sit in it like a jacuzzi, splash each other, or dump water on top of their heads.
It may not be fancy, but it sure is fun!

Isaiah recently decided to try on his old wetsuit. He has not worn it for at least six months, and he could barely squeak into it then, but he was pretty confident he could zip it right up.
Aaaand - he was wrong.
He could not get the suit past his knees.
Hmm. How to solve such a dilemma? Why, CUT THE SUIT IN HALF to make it into a two-piece, of course! 
(I am pretty sure a little piece of my surfer husband's heart died that day.)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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