Brett & Karen are MARRIED!

How does one describe a picture-perfect wedding?

♥ A bride who spent the morning of her wedding at the beach with a dear friend to enjoy her favorite part of Creation - clouds, which she specifically prayed would fill the sky on her wedding day - and to pray for the Lord's blessing on the day.
I knew she had been praying for fluffy whiteness, so when I woke up and saw them through my bedroom window I sent her a text asking, "Have you seen the CLOUDS?" She instantly responded, "We are heading to the beach to soak in the clouds and pray. It is more important than anything else before the wedding. You can't tell me God isn't smiling today! To Him be all the glory!"
♥ Five attentive, thoughtful, focused bridesmaids who served the bride with enthusiasm and love.
♥ The groom and groomsmen enjoying lawn games and a lot of laughter at the venue while waiting to dress for photos.
♥ Squeals and tear-filled eyes when the bridesmaids saw the bride dressed in her wedding gown for the first time.
♥ Hard-working and friendly photographers capturing sweet, memorable, and fun moments.
♥ The parents of the bride dressed in their best and smiling from ear to ear.
♥ The bride and groom holding hands around a corner and praying together before the ceremony without seeing each other. The groom prayed boldly and sincerely, while the bride cried.
♥ Personally having the privilege of praying for the bride ... standing together in a circle ... holding hands with her mother, the bridesmaids, and the soloist ... surrendering the entire day to the Lord and thanking Him for giving Karen a man who sees a valuable treasure when he looks at her and accepts her and loves her - just as she is.
♥ Walking toward a dapper groom and his five groomsmen as they made their way to their places for the ceremony. Five men who love and respect the groom - not because of what he has done - but because of who he is. A man who seeks after God and loves Him with his whole heart.
♥ The parents of the groom full of excitement, ready to witness their son pledge his life to their daughter-in-law whom they have already accepted as their own.
♥ Excited wedding guests talking and smiling as they eagerly awaited the entrance of the bridal party.
♥ A gorgeous, colorful, energetic, yet relaxed bridal party processing down the aisle.
♥ Tears filling the bride's eyes as she looked to the skies before taking the first step to walk down the aisle with her father.
♥ An overwhelmed groom accepting the gift of his bride from the hands of the man who raised her and now trusts her to the protection, care, and leadership of her husband.
♥ Prayer, Scripture, the story of how the couple met, funny and lighthearted moments, a charge to the couple from God's Word, handwritten vows to one another, official vows, communion between the bride and groom, a song, the kiss, and the pronouncement of "Mr. & Mrs. Brett Craig!"
♥ The heavens opening and rain pouring down!
♥ Thoughtful and 'punny' toasts from the Father of the Bride and the Father of the Groom.
♥ A loving toast from the older sister of the bride and an unexpected and heartfelt tribute from the twin brother of the groom ... a highlight of the reception.
♥ Gorgeous flowers, sweet photographs of the couple growing up and then together, delicious food, jovial servers, tasty hand-made ice cream sandwiches, orange groves, a trickling fountain, a century-old house, dancing, smiles, laughter, and hugs.
♥ A groom who, when asked at the close of the evening, "Did you enjoy your wedding day?" looked me right in the eye with his sweet trade-mark grin and with all sincerity replied, "It was the best day of my life."

Brett and Karen, it has been an absolute honor to be welcomed into your lives this past year. From your very first date, you have prayed for the Lord's will, His wisdom, and His blessing on every aspect of your relationship. You sought counsel, you listened to counsel, you faced difficult moments instead of running from them, you trusted each other when you could have judged and condemned, you loved when it would have been easier to ignore, and you extended grace to one another time and again. Not because you are perfect, but because you are acutely aware of the grace that was so freely bestowed on you by a heavenly Father who loves you with a love that cannot be measured, and will never fail.

Your wedding was beautiful, memorable, grace-filled, and warm.
But the best thing about your day was that God was glorified.
You are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
You are not ashamed to identify as children of God.
You do not talk about your faith - you LIVE it day by day.
And you are beloved because you do.

We love you, and we are thankful the Lord drew us together at this time so we could be witnesses to the work He has been so faithful to perform in each of you this past year. Talking, problem-solving, eating, crying, laughing, playing touch football, and praying - together - has been precious indeed. Thank you for trusting us - with your relationship, with your friendship, and as your brother and sister in Christ. We look forward to walking many, many more miles of life together and are excited to see what the Lord has planned for you now that you are ONE.

With love and deep affection, ❤ Dennis and Michelle

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