A pre-school year Field Trip!

We finally did it!
We visited the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.
It has been on my "Go HERE!" list for over a year, so I finally packed up the kids, a bag full of snacks, and off we went with friends.
We had a blast!
It is a beautiful building, the exhibits are terrific, you can take pictures of everything, and security doesn't follow you around. The museum offers a relaxed, kid-friendly environment, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time inside of it!

Everyone agreed that the gorilla was one of the top-five coolest animals of the day!

Josiah was thrilled to see his favorite bird displayed - the Redtail Hawk.

Isaiah's favorite - the Polar Bear!

When you find yourself in a gorgeous, marble-lined rotunda with a stunning ceiling and a lovely statue, there is only one way to fully enjoy it - on your back, looking up!
My friend thought I was crazy, but the kids didn't hesitate for even a second when I told them to lie down on the floor with me. We relaxed for several minutes, enjoying the beautiful view and watching a pigeon waddle around the stained glass. The funny thing is, not one person who walked by us stared or commented on our position, so I can only surmise that we must not be the first to enjoy the museum - on our backs!

My friend Sara took this photo because she thought it was hilarious/ridiculous/horrifying that I would sit on the floor to capture a photo. Haha! I wanted a shot of the kids, the statue, AND the ceiling - and this position was the only way to accomplish that goal! (see results three photos above)
Thanks for taking this, Sara! It gave Dennis a good laugh!

The rose gardens were LOVELY!

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