A fun and sweet memory for this mom!

Three weeks ago I made a commitment to read ALL of our children's books before the school year began. We own approximately 200 books that have been collected over the last seventeen years, and many of them are family favorites. My plan was to read twelve books per day, which ended up being an industrious pursuit since it takes about 90 minutes to read a dozen books.

After checking 160 titles off the list, I was growing a little weary. I love children's literature (some of the books were purchased while I was in college) but I now know I prefer reading them in smaller doses. It wasn't until only 40+ books remained in the pile that I finally realized, "Hey! I have SEVEN OTHER PEOPLE in this house who can read!"
That was all it took to redirect the pursuit of making the entire stack of literature disappear.
Let the Circuit Reading BEGIN!

We set up three stations, and Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie read one book to Dennis, Micah, and Luke, rotating stations after each reading. Then, the three older boys read to the littles, three books each. BAM! 18 books removed from the pile - and everyone had a GREAT time!

While I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie read out loud, my favorite part of the evening was when the older boys read to their siblings. Enthusiastic, dramatic, energetic ... just a few words that describe their efforts. I asked them to choose their childhood favorites from the stack, so not only did they read with emotion, they ad-libbed, commented on their favorite portions of the books, and laughed during the story just as they did when they were little boys. It was a sweet moment for me as a mom.

As you can see from the photo above, Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie were highly entertained by their brothers. They actually fell back laughing because of the expressive readings and funny voices employed by Micah, Luke, and Caleb. I am so glad I was still holding my camera so I could capture the funny moment on film!

I know the window is closing on the "littleness" of our three youngest, so I want to soak in all of these 'lasts' because before I blink twice, the moments - will be memories.

Lord, thank You for my family! For Dennis - Micah - Luke - Caleb - Josiah - Isaiah - and Ellie. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without them, and I don't want to. They bring me such joy, and I love them more than I thought was humanly possible. Thank You, Lord, for seven amazing gifts.

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