A fun and somewhat chilly school day!

 We had a fun day studying the Ice Age!
After reading about the interesting details of the time period, we engaged in two fun activities.
First, Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie had to dress as though they LIVE in a land of ice.
Snow gear, warm jackets, hats, gloves, and of course, weapons for hunting and self-defense.

(I should mention that it was 83 degrees outside while we partook in this activity, and there was only one place in our entire yard that could remotely pass for a desolate, ice-laden land.
In hindsight, a couple of white sheets would have been very handy for this tableau!)

The experiment: Who can keep a pile of ice on their belly the longest?

Step 1
Place a double handful of ice on each child's belly.
Step 2
Grab camera to capture the moment on film.
Step 3
Hear screams coming from the children lying on the floor
because the ice froze their skin faster than expected and they are in pain.
<expressions of misery are real, not acting>
Step 4
Change the 'control' piece of the experiment by placing the ice on the neck of each child.
Step 5
Grab camera to capture the moment on film.
Step 6
Hear laughter swirling through the room instead of screams.
Step 7
Engage in ice fight while cleaning up after the experiment.

Ice Age Lesson Plans?

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