Happy Birthday, Luke!

16 years of life have been yours to enjoy, and you have made the most of each one!
From the time you were a toddler you have been full of energy, enthusiasm, adventure,
curiosity, creativity, intelligence, and fun. 
Your add spice to the serious Eastmans and enhance the joy of the light-hearted Eastmans
- just by being YOU. And we love it!

You have a sharp mind that seeks logic and truth, and you are intentional about your actions and words. You stand firm in your convictions and are unmoved when pushed by opposing views. You read God's Word faithfully, seek more knowledge and understanding about His Word, and desire to be a man of character and conviction. You are building a firm foundation under your feet, but son, you cannot assume it will stay that way. Damage - and neglect - will allow fissures to destroy the foundation. You must give constant attention and care to what you have been so careful to build so that no matter how hard it is shaken, it will not collapse.

I love your tenacity.
I love your strength.
I love your loyalty and commitment to our family.
I love you!

You are a natural leader, Luke Samuel Eastman, and it will be exciting to observe the ways in which the Lord uses you for His Kingdom and in the lives of His people.
You have many plans for your life, and this is a good thing for they are a wise way to
"begin with the end in mind."
I encourage you, however, to hold your plans loosely, for it is the Lord who directs our steps.
He may take every single one and toss them to the side in order to steer you in the direction HE wants you to go. Be a man who is confident and grounded, and be a flexible man, always willing to say, "Yes, Lord!" when He commands you to go. To do. To change course.
As long as He is leading and you are following - you will always be walking in His will.

I love you, Luke Samuel, and I am grateful beyond measure that God chose you for my son.
Happy 16th Birthday!

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