Happy Birthday, Josiah!

Josiah, you are ...

willing to serve
eager to please
and kind.

These are wonderful qualities that can be used to do great things for the Kingdom of God.
It is the Lord's kindness that leads us to repentance.
Jesus did not come to earth to be served - He came to serve.
Jesus had compassion for people because they were helpless, like sheep without a Shepherd.
And if you are to look like Him, reflecting His light in a dark world, you must do what He did.
With an attitude of love.

But like all strengths, they also have a weak side, so ask the Lord to protect you from their influence.
Do not allow your sensitivity to make you insecure.
Do not let your eagerness to please make you perform for the praises of men.
Do not put expectations on others to meet your need for affection and acceptance.

Josiah Timothy Eastman, you are the son of a KING!
A heavenly King who spoke the world into being.
A King who raises the dead, makes the lame walk, and makes the blind see.
A King who holds the oceans in the palm of His hand and uses the earth as a footstool.
He is your King.
Your Father.
Your God.
Your identity, your worth, your everything ... is in Him.

So, hold your head HIGH.
Square your shoulders.
And march forward with confidence knowing that everything you are and everything you have
is because an omniscient and omnipotent God chose to create you in the secret places of the earth,
in His image, and for His purpose.

We love you, Josiah, and we are thankful the Lord chose to place you in our family.
You are an Eastman, which means you have access to all the rights and privileges thereof.
But even better - you are an heir to the Throne of Grace!
Knowing who you are IN CHRIST is the greatest lesson you will ever learn.
So commit to learning it - and living it - well.

Happy Birthday 10th birthday, Josiah!

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