End of Summer FAMILY NIGHT!

A ferry ride to the island.
It was a lovely evening and the sky was beautiful.
A delightful way to spend time together - out in God's gorgeous creation!

 Time for dessert!
What better option than walking to BJ's Pizza for PIZOOKIES!
It was the first one ever consumed by Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie.
The completely empty dish was a sure sign that they liked it!

We ordered four Pizookies for Dennis and the kids to share. 
Aaaand all four were devoured in less than SEVEN MINUTES!
I'm not sure the waitress ever witnessed a family rotate through the restaurant at such a pace!

A cool memorial that was probably illegal to stand on even though there wasn't a "keep off sign." 
The kids climbed up, I leaned back into my photo-taking Matrix pose and got the shot.
I love the palm trees lining the background.

 An impromptu game of 3 on 3 touch/tackle/smack/hip-check football on the greens at Balboa Island.

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