An unexpected day of FUN!

This morning, Dennis returned home from a breakfast date with Luke and declared, "I'm taking Caleb and the littles to a Performance Car and Truck Demonstration at Angel Stadium!"
"Um, okay. Why?"
"Because it's super COOL!"
"Alright then. Have fun!"

They left without having any real idea of what they were going to experience other than a bunch of cars sitting in a parking lot - until they connected with our friend Joe. Joe is a modern-day version of Ferris Bueller. He knows EVERYone. Including the members of one of the driving teams. He met Dennis and the kids at the gate and used his V.I.P. pass to treat them to a day they will not forget!

Joe's pass secured a place for Dennis and the kids in the pit, the ability to sit inside the cars for photo ops, and a bag filled with dozens of stickers, a T-shirt, and autographed posters from the drivers. The boys and Ellie were THRILLED!

As excited as the kids were, Dennis enjoyed another level of enthusiasm when he was invited to be a passenger in the Lamborghini Hurac√°n during the finale of the drifting demonstration.
He could hardly contain his excitement when he showed me the video of his ride and described the awesomeness of the experience. Like a kid in a candy store! Grinning from ear to ear.

If you have a spare $300K+ lying around - go ahead, pick one up! You will love it!

Thank you for your generosity and kindness, Joe!
Dennis and the kids enjoyed a fantastic and fun-filled day because of you!

Most people would leave a 35-pound Drift Truck tire that was ruined during the race sitting on the side of the track. But Dennis Eastman is not 'most people.' As soon as he discovered the tires were free for the taking, he grabbed one and rolled it to our van to bring home.
Why? To use as a piece of workout equipment, of course!

The tire presented a perfect opportunity to shove a small Eastman inside and roll it around the yard,
so they did!

I have a feeling this black circle is going to get much use!
Heaven only knows what these three will think of to do with a giant tire!

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