A sunny, sandy, splendid Sunday!

We spent the afternoon at a lovely, rocky beach!
It was cold, windy, and cloudy when we arrived, but within a couple of hours, we were treated to this spectacular view of God's gorgeous creation.

And this woman is the reason we traveled south for the day - our annual date with my Aunt Donna.
When Ellie hopped out of the Thunder Bus, Donna looked at her and said, "Wow! You look just like your mom did when she was that age!" I was startled by her comment until I recalled the first memory I have of my aunt - when I was Ellie's age - and realized that she has, in fact, known me for 40 years.
I'm so thankful we have such a long, wonderful history together!
Donna has been a tremendous source of encouragement, support, kindness, and love since I was a little girl. Now, she loves Dennis and my children the same way. And I am thankful.

This is what happens when you are the smallest brother.
You're minding your own business, strolling down the beach, and then BAM!
You find yourself swooped into the air and turned upside down by your six-foot brother for no other reason than "he felt like doing it." (and Isaiah LOVES it!)

Ellie was determined to run and jump onto Luke's back for a piggyback ride.
She tried over and over and over again - with zero help from Luke. Finally, I asked him to "give her a break," so he bent down, she took one more flying leap and SUCCESS!
She was quite pleased with herself.

I love this photo of Josiah.
He was in a thoughtful, solitary mood this afternoon, so he spent time climbing rocks and looking out at the water by himself. What better way to enjoy quiet moments alone than surrounded by sky, sea, and sand.

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