Celebrating 75 years of LIFE!

Last night we celebrated my Mom's 75th Birthday!
A night of family and friends and FUN!

Nonna and (almost all of) her grandchildren.

The last 33 years of her life have been spent with this man by her side.
How thankful we are that Bill is a part of our family!

Doug, Stephanie, and Douglas ...
Bill brought Stephanie into our lives, she brought Doug and Douglas - and we are grateful!

Steven and CC and their family came down to celebrate.
Every family event is better when they are with us!

The celebration included Mom and Bill's Shepherd Group and a few dear friends.
They are a lively, engaging group, quick to laugh and faithful friends to our parents.
Some have known my mom since college, some for the past three decades, and some just a few years. But regardless of the length of friendship, they all share life together - the good, the bad, the difficult, and the delightful. We have watched them serve one another through sickness, trauma, heartache, financial struggles, trials with children and grandchildren, and personal sorrows.
They cry together as much as they laugh ... just as the body of Christ was made to do.
Thank you, everyone, for joining in the celebration. Your presence made a difference!

The grandchildren wrote a few things they love about their "Nonna" and shared them with her and the guests at the party. (Speaking in birth order, youngest to oldest.)

♥She gives nice hugs, she dresses nice. Nonna is a princess. - Olivia
♥She gets us Lego sets sometimes - Lego Nonna!, she has a very nice house that she shares with us when we visit, she loves us very much. - Roman
♥She takes me to Disneyland, she loves me, she is kind. - Ellie
♥She lets us do fun things, she's very nice, she makes awesome spaghetti. - Lorenzo
♥She lets us spend time at her house, she is fun to be with, she lets me buy Lego's. - Isaiah
♥She hugs me when I'm sad, she takes me on dates, she is funny. - Josiah
♥She's fun to talk to, she lets me work at her house to earn money, and I like watching fun shows and sports with her. - Caleb
♥I appreciate her love of travel, her love of culture, and her energy. - Luke
♥I love the fudge that you make every Christmas, I appreciate your help with my homework projects, and you are a wonderful and loving grandma. - Douglas
♥She is a fantastic conversationalist, a loving grandmother, a caring friend, and an interesting thinker. - Micah
♥There are so many things I love about Nonna! I like that she is kind, loving and smart. - Kyle

The night ended with two activities.
The first, "1942 Jeopardy!" Four teams had to answer questions about politics, cost of living, entertainment, sports, and science - all based on statistics from 1942. It was loud, crazy, and fun!

The second activity was a game called "How Well Do You Know Me?" 
25 personal questions about Janet Simcic.
The people who have known her the longest did the best in this game, and it sparked much conversation about how little people really know about each other. One of her friends declared, "From now on - we are talking about these things at our weekly group coffee dates!"

The party was a success, and our family was thankful that we were able to be together to celebrate the 75 years of life gifted to our mom/stepmom/mother-in-law/grandmother/wife by the giver of life ... an amazing, creative, and wonderful God.
❤ Happy Birthday, Mom! ❤
We love you!

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