They let us love them!

In honor of National Foster Care Month, we wanted to highlight our day with our G3.
(I carried my camera around with me all day so I could capture the good moments!)
We have not been together in a month, so everyone was excited to see each other and they spent six hours playing and laughing and eating without a cross word or fight between them. LOVELY!

I have said it before and I will say it again ...
the Lord used these three children and the Guske family to change us - for GOOD!
He had already called us to orphan care when my sweet friend shared her need for respite, so it took less than 22 seconds to know that it was the Lord who had prepared us for one another.
We serve them, they serve us.
We love them, they love us back.
It is a beautiful friendship - and we are BLESSED.

It is a privilege and an honor to be invited into the lives of those who have not only answered the call to "visit orphans in their distress," but welcomed those same orphans into their home and their family. Forever.

This photo seems normal enough, but Ellie is READING - a BOOK - to Grace!
From the outside looking in these two appear to have very little in common, but their similarities run deep. They understand each other, and they are good for each other. 

Snack time!
And there is never any left!

The first thing Henry does when he walks into our house is to find me and say, "Hi, Mom!"
The next (and most important) thing is to start wrestling with one, or all of the Eastman boys.
He can go for a good solid half hour before wearing out and needing a change of pace.
He fits RIGHT in at the Eastman home!

❤ I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo. ❤
I call it, "Secrets."

I do not live with him, but I am confident that Toby is rarely seen without a car or Lego in his hands!
This boy spends hours playing with cars and Lego's when he is with us.
Just like our boys!

Henry and Grace never leave our home before spending the better part of an hour on the swing!

And when we run errands together, this is how we do it!
Double carts and all snacks eaten in the parking lot before getting in the van.
(Don't worry, I am aware that my "Pinterest Mommy" nomination will be void after this! HA!
Like I would even MAKE it on that list!)

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