Mother's Day!

Mother's Day began with ... sleeping in (woohoo!), breakfast together,
and a beautiful morning enjoying God's creation at the beach.
We stumbled onto this lovely spot full of rocks to climb and explore and had to capture it on film.
The wind was blowing like crazy, and we only had the iPhone camera which has horrible zoom capabilities, yet Dennis managed to capture a shot of me and our children to mark the occasion.

I love these six people!

We hosted a Mother's Day dinner in the evening.
Our brother-in-law, Doug, smoked a delicious brisket for us, and we topped off the meal with a chocolate fudge cake from one of our favorite bakeries.
It was nice spending Mother's Day with my mom and my sister!

Without this man, I could not do what I do.
He supports me, encourages me, pushes me, forgives me, and loves me - even when I don't deserve it.
Thank you, Dennis. For EVERYthing.
I love you.

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