Honoring the ministry of a beloved brother in Christ.

 Tonight we honored the ministry of a young man who has made a significant impact in the lives of our youth, faithfully preaching the Word of God, continually pushing their thoughts toward Christ, and intentionally challenging them to pursue Christ - with passion and purpose.

Scripture says, "Let another praise you, not your own lips." Proverbs 27:2
Justin lives this verse.
He serves faithfully.
Studies with solid focus.
Invests willingly.
Prays passionately.
Encourages constantly.
Responds with grace.
And he does it all in silence, never seeking attention or praise, faithfully completing the tasks God places before him with diligence and joy.

As a sister in Christ, I love him and appreciate his passion for God's Word. The first time I ever talked to Justin I asked, "What is your ministry goal?" to which he responded, "My desire is to raise the theological literacy of the church." And he has achieved this goal in the lives of our youth.

As a peer in leadership, I respect him and appreciate his ability to lead with quiet strength.

As a mother with young men under his leadership, I trust him.
Micah and Luke sought his counsel on important topics and never for a moment did I concern myself with his response, for I knew it would be biblical, sound, and wise. Both boys can repeat what Justin told them with precise detail because he speaks with teens in a way that grabs their attention, challenges their thinking, and is not forgotten.

The Lord blessed us with your presence, Justin, and the impact you had on our youth group and our family will be not only be remembered - it will be cherished.
We love you and we look forward to seeing how the Lord continues to mature you in the faith as you run after Him - harder today than you did yesterday.


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