True contentment.

This book.

My favorite quotes from the first section of reading.

“It (contentment) is a sweet temper of spirit, 
whereby a Christian carries himself in an equal poise in every condition.”

“Contentment is a DIVINE thing.
Contentment is joined with godliness. “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” I Timothy 6:6
To live securely and cheerfully upon God in the abatement of creature supplies, 
only piety can bring this into the soul’s treasury.”

“Contentment is an INTERNAL thing.
It lies within a man; not in the bark - but the root. 
Contentment has both its fountain and stream in the soul.
… contentment lies within the soul, and does not depend upon externals.
… outward troubles cannot hinder this blessed contentment.
When there is tempest without, there may be music within.”

“Contentment is a HABITUAL thing.
It shines with a fixed light in the soul.
… it is a settled temper of the heart.
He is said to be a contented man, who is given to contentment.
It is not casual but constant.”

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