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Dennis has been living on Prince Edward Island for the past week and will fly home tomorrow night. He and a colleague spent the week training and assessing teachers and administrators. They worked from 8am-5pm every day, enjoyed delicious meals with a different host each night, and returned to the hotel to prepare for the following day. Not a leisurely trip by any means, but they have enjoyed their time with the Canadian people!
Tonight they will attend a professional basketball game and hope to see more of the island tomorrow before saying goodbye to new friends.
I will be honest - I am jealous! The nostalgia of the island because of Anne of Green Gables is lost on my groom. Though he knows I love the movies, he does not share my passion for them. (imagine!)
My dream is to one day visit the island with girlfriends who enjoy Anne with an "e" as much as I do. What fun we would have!

~~~ After our pastor preached a fantastic sermon about having and exhibiting a passion for Christ, I sent him a note to thank him for HIS passion and shared
the post I wrote that reflects how his message affected me. He responded the next day, and at the end of his note included this quote:
Vance Havner said: "He would rather calm down a fanatic than warm up a corpse."
Dennis and I both laughed when we read that, and I was encouraged.

We have been using the Little House on the Prairie series as our spine for history and science this year, and Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie have enjoyed every page of every book!
Fun activities are not my strength, but when you are reading delightful stories about the past you have to make some of it come to life!
So this week we made stacked pancakes from scratch (Almonzo's favorite breakfast) and had apples, popcorn, and cider for Family Night (just like the Wilders). We ended the festivities with a viewing of the TV series by candlelight. (a nod to the lack of electric lights in the 1880's)
Like most children, they are captivated by the sweet, simple life of the Ingalls and think Pa is a "really hard worker" after watching the way men had to survive on the American prairies a century ago.
The MOST fun we will have is heading out to Riley's Farm for an "Old Joe Homestead Tour" in a couple of weeks so they can experience what it was really like in the days of homesteading. They will wash clothes by hand, make their own candles, plow a piece of a field, feed animals, press their own cider, and enjoy a hay ride. They are counting down the days!

~~~ I am so thankful the Lord blessed us with a good week while Dennis was away.
The kids were great, no one was sick, and nothing blew up or broke down. YES!
I was also blessed to enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship with our Orphan Care moms on Tuesday evening, a few hours with a dear friend last night, and tonight Micah, Luke, and Caleb and I will settle in for our traditional Movie Marathon!
Tomorrow we get the pleasure of hosting three older children in our home for the day, and then Dennis will return to us. The perfect way to close a weekend!

~~~ Speaking of the weekend, I pray yours will provide several opportunities to serve others, minister to someone who is hurting, and enjoy true rest after a week of work and effort.

A thought to chew on during your rest ...
“The renewed mind is one saturated with and controlled by the Word of God.” - John MacArthur
Fill your mind and heart with the beautiful truths and promises of God's Word.
Your time could not be spent any better!

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