This and that - Easter Break!

Our break has been wonderful thus far!
Friday we kicked it off with a family day at the beach. Such fun!
We spent Saturday at home working and resting.
Sunday we celebrated the Risen Savior with our church family, worshipping, rejoicing, and hearing the Word of God preached with passion in an outdoor service followed by a wonderful time with our extended family in the afternoon and evening.

It is quite a luxury not having any mandatory commitments on the calendar for ten days in a row!
Four more days to go!

🌊 🌴 🐠 🌊 🏄 🌊 🐋 🌴 🌊 🐬
Dennis, Micah, Luke, and Caleb enjoyed a day of surfing on Monday.
Gorgeous weather + friends + waves = SUCCESS!
(no one took photos, so I have none to share)

Josiah, Isaiah, Ellie and I chose to spend our Monday with the Guskes!

Tuesday had a different kind of excitement. Isaiah got a cast for his arm.
He broke his wrist last week climbing into our avocado tree, and the Urgent Care doc gave him a brace until we could see an Ortho doc who would decide if a real cast was necessary.
We knew a cast was necessary because we have met Isaiah! The boy never stops moving unless he is asleep, and his movements are extreme.
We met the Ortho doc, a jovial, light-hearted man, and after hearing the story of the injury he looked at me and said, "If he is a chess playing, classical music listening, sits and reads books all day kind of kid, the brace will be sufficient. IS he that kind of kid?"
We both looked at Isaiah who shook his head from side to side with a grin, at which time the doc said, "Pick a color for your cast, dude!" HA!
An hour later he was devouring a large cup of frozen yogurt, asking dozens of questions, and not five minutes after we returned home he was playing football in the back yard complete with dive rolls on the grass. BOYS BOYS BOYS!

We salvaged our Tuesday with a Family Night.
Nothing like good food and silly games to end the day!
(The object of this game was to spit tiny plastic golf balls into the bucket. Yep. I said SPIT.
This was followed by Round Two which consisted of spitting the golfballs into a MOVING bucket.)
I bet you wish you could join us for these nights, don't you? hehehehe

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