Family Day! At the BEACH!

This is the look of a little boy longing to be in the sea, yet held back by the little black brace on his arm. He has a broken wrist. He was attempting to climb into the avocado tree in our backyard - and missed. He cried for all of two minutes, rested for three, and then ran back outside to play. 
"He must be fine!" we thought.
Two days later he said, "Mom, my wrist hurts." Sure enough, it was swollen, so off to Urgent Care we went! Two hours and three x-rays later the diagnosis was confirmed: a buckle break.
The Dr. looked at me and asked, "Is he a pretty mellow kid, or is he active?" Even Josiah laughed out loud at that question!
"He does not sit still for more than six minutes at a time. Why do you ask?"
"Well, mellow means the brace will be sufficient. Active means he will probably need a real cast to keep his arm stable."
 Chances are pretty good that Isaiah will be sporting a plaster cast by the end of next week considering he picked up a football 34 seconds after we returned from Urgent Care, tossed it around with both hands and asked Dennis, "Hey, dad! Can we play catch?"

A game of Steal the Bacon and Pickle!

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