Easter Break Field Trip!

Our adventure for today was a visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A.
Micah and Luke toured the museum when they were little and loved every minute of it, so we thought Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie would enjoy it too. And they did!
Caleb chose to join us so he could salivate over the fancy million dollar cars. He reported details about some of the cars that took me by surprise. I am not sure when he learned so much, but he knows quite a bit!
We all agreed it was a Thumbs Up adventure! 

One of the highlights of the day ... Racing Simulators!
Isaiah and Ellie were too little to make the cut so they had to be content with an Xbox racing game, but Dennis, Caleb, and Josiah were thrilled to "drive" hundreds of miles an hour on racetracks around the world. They crashed as often as they made the turns, but they had fun doing so!

Dennis watched the Speed Racer cartoon every weekend when he was a kid (and can still sing the theme song on request) so he was happy to see a replica of the "coolest car ever" in the museum. 

If someone had offered, "Choose any car in the museum, and it is yours, Mrs. Eastman," I would have driven off in this beauty!
I have always been drawn to long, sleek, classy cars. Gorgeous!

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