A beautiful family day at the park!

Today we spent a few hours at a delightful park. Perfect weather, lovely views, greenery and luscious trees surrounding us on every side, delicious fruit and snacks, and our family - together.
It was a wonderful way to spend the day!

A new favorite game in the Eastman home!

What would a day at the park be without some touch football?

THIS is exactly why we requested a cast for Isaiah.
We turn around for two seconds, and the boy is in a tree!

This photo sums up my life with my children!

I am no photographer, but when I discover fun, beautiful, interesting places, I want to take pictures!
We were not prepared for a photo shoot today by any means, but my children (somewhat) graciously agreed to let me try out different places and poses since we were in such an attractive setting.
I would definitely go back for a real photo shoot one day!

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