Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Caleb Jeremiah,

What a difference you make in our family!
Since you were a baby you have made us laugh, smile, and enjoy life because of your easy-going, light-hearted, humorous personality.
We love you because you are YOU ... all the time.
Consistent and faithful. Two of your best qualities!

There are a few character traits you possess that stand out from the others.
You are thoughtful and kind, continually looking for ways to make people feel good.
You are adept at serving children and adults alike, whether you are playing games, engaged in conversation, or simply offering your sweet and calming presence.

My favorite thing about you, however, is your God-given compassion and desire to serve those who struggle with disabilities. You are not shy, fearful, or intimidated by the needs. You just want to DO something, and this, my dear son, is a gift.
Our human nature shies away from the uncomfortable, but for some, the Lord places a strong sense of justice, compassion, and grace within their hearts to fight for those who are ignored and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. He has placed those things in you, Caleb. 
Cultivate those qualities. Ask the Lord to increase your compassion, and ask Him to show you how to use it to encourage, support, and serve others - for their good and for His glory.
You can make a difference for the Kingdom, Caleb Jeremiah. Don't miss the opportunity!

You are a wonderful young man, Caleb, and I love you.
Thank you for being an affectionate and thoughtful son
who willingly gives hugs and tells me he loves me - every day.

Happy 13th Birthday!

Love, Mom

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