We're doing it again!

We're doing it again!


We had so much fun with this experiment last summer, we decided to embark on another duck-hatching adventure. We chose spring because, a) it's spring! New life is fitting and perfect for the spring season, b) it is 30 degrees cooler now than in the summer (caring for ducklings in 97+ degree heat was the 'fail' part of our first experiment), c) they will hatch a few weeks before Easter, d) one of my girls has an adorable bunny with which we can do a photo shoot with the ducklings, and e) watching God's creation unfold before your eyes is a miraculous joy to behold!

When we picked up the eggs today, the store owner gently reminded me there is no guarantee that the ducklings will hatch. After enjoying great success last time (nine of our twelve cracked through their shells), her reminder helped me manage my expectations. We could hatch twelve ducklings, or zero.
So - we asked the Lord to be gracious and grant us a repeat success, and hope His will matches ours!

Let the Great Duck Hatch commence!

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