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Guess who joined the 21st century - and now owns her own iPhone?
Yep. ME!
I held out for nine years and was hoping I could wait nine more, but alas, the time has come.
Being that I am home 20 hours a day, I will probably accrue few hours on the device (I currently average 12-17 minutes per month on my flip phone), but I need to be available when I am out and about.
Life is changing. Needs are greater. Trials are becoming more difficult. When I am serving someone, or caring for their children, or hosting an Orphan Care event, or just walking through hard moments with a friend, people need to be able to have access to me. So now - they have it!
After using the device to serve and minister to others, I am most looking forward to having access to MAPS! I have a horrible sense of direction and get lost all the time so this will be like a perpetual life ring, saving me from myself, and getting me where I need to go. Woohoo!

We had a fun Valentine's Night!
Dinner, a light-hearted and thoughtful "why I love you" activity in which we wrote notes of appreciation to each other, dessert, and a paper airplane contest!
Bigs vs. Littles
The winners from each group then competed in the championship round.
Grand Prize: $1.00 (and bragging rights, of course!)

Eastmans are competitive by nature, so it was a lively activity filled with screaming, cheering, good-natured ribbing, and complaining about poorly designed aircraft. (Operator error to be sure!)
We had FUN together and we laughed a lot. Just what we needed!

~~~ My brother and CC and the kids are down here for the weekend - and I am so thankful.
Our entire family needs to be together, to laugh, talk, encourage, support, and comfort one another because we have walked through some trying experiences since the first of the year.
Joy and sorrow are mixed together in this life, so we can rejoice and weep at the same time ... just as God intended!

One of my girls is ENGAGED!
Brett proposed to Karen - and she said YES!
Her sister threw a surprise engagement party for her, and Dennis and I were privileged to be on the guest list, so we were there to hear her joyfully declare, "I am ENGAGED!" and then see her glowing face when she walked through the door.
What a fun evening!
Brett graciously invited our COMMITTED group, so some of the girls were able to celebrate with their sister!
Karen is the ninth COMMITTED member to get married. What a delight it is to share in such life-changing moments with these young women! How I love them!

~~~ Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie started their spring Biola classes today. They were so excited they packed their bags yesterday afternoon and had their lunches made and water bottles filled by3 pm! Their enthusiasm makes me happy. Every activity is wonderful and every stranger becomes a friend.

While they spend three hours on campus, I enjoy that time in a coffee shop reading, writing, or just staring at the wall. It is wonderful.
As soon as I sat down at my table this morning, a young man walked over and asked if he could conduct a short interview with me for his college class. "Sure!" (I love surveys!)
Five questions. And each one was about the Lord! I was equally surprised and delighted, and a couple of his questions were GOOD! Thought-provoking. Love it!
What a fun way to start the day!

~~~ Apparently we need to be building our Arks here in southern California as torrential rains are headed our way. I can't WAIT!

The older my people get the more I want to hold on to every moment.
Micah will be a senior next year.
Luke a junior.
Caleb - 8th grade
Josiah - 4th
Isaiah - 3rd
Ellie - 2nd
Where has the time gone?
No more babies, no more toddlers ... just teens and kids. As much as I miss the baby years, I am enjoying this stage of our family life. There is always something going on - constant noise and activity - conversations - interactions - laughter - wrestling - jokes - movies - games - reading - music ...

~~~ Happy weekend to you!
May it be filled with sweet moments, encouraging conversations, words of praise, quiet hours reading Scripture, and time spent in prayer.
May we all surrender the weekend to the Lord so He is glorified in all we do!

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