"There is no form of behavior that will please all men at all times. As a rule, what seems to please most people most of the time, and commands lasting praise is Christian character.
Sincere devotion to God, the ability to demonstrate genuine love to others, the faithful fulfillment of life's responsibilities, a pure and undefiled conscience, an unwavering commitment to justice, mercy and truth ... these are the qualities that render man truly respectable and great.
Such character may, at times, incur unjust reproach. But the clouds which form as a result of man's prejudice and envy will gradually disperse; and its [Christian character's] brightness will, in the end, shine through as the noonday sun.
Throughout history, the truly illustrious men and women were those who did not court the praise of this world, but who performed the actions which deserved it."
- Hugh Blair, 1827

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