It rained and poured! And we LOVED it!

 Celebrating and enjoying a wonderful winter of RAIN!
Real rain.
You-can-hear-it-beating-on-the-roof rain.
You-can't-see-through-your-windshield rain.
It-takes-three-days-to-dry-out-the-yard rain.
After three years of drought conditions, the Lord opened the heavens and poured down rain upon our land to replenish the earth - and our water supply.
And the Eastmans are THRILLED!

I had just called all the kids together to go outside for our traditional Rain Photo when a huge rain cloud broke over our house, pounding the ground with water. I looked at the older boys and asked, "How committed are you?" They mutually responded, "Not THAT committed, thanks!" We all watched the downpour through the window and then one of us (I think it was me) exclaimed, "It's not rain! It's HAIL!" Small, round balls of ice lasting only a few minutes, but hail nonetheless!
A perfect way to end our final day of severe rain and thunderstorms on the California coast.

Of course, with torrential downpours come a few problems - like flooding.
Our entire yard was under water at one point, and since the rain fell hard and steady for hours, we had approximately three inches of standing water all afternoon and into the night.
It made for an adventure, however!
Dennis and Micah filled sandbags in the middle of the shower (thanks to our city Water Department) to cover our sliding glass door and breezeway which were taking in copious amounts of water due to the slanting sidewalk that runs in front of them. 
When they finished, Dennis looked at me, dripping wet and soaked to the skin, and said, "Man, there are people who do this all winter and into the spring - daily!" He has a new respect for said people!

These are the RAINY days the Lord has made,
so we will REJOICE and be GLAD in them!

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