Guy's Night! (with a cameo by Ellie)

Micah, Luke, and Caleb absolutely love having huge groups of guys over to hang out at our house.
When you already have five boys in your home, what's 30 more?
<insert eye-rolling, laughing-with-tears emojis here>
 We came up with an amazingly creative name for these events: Guy's Night
(We will not be opening an advertising agency anytime soon.)

Normally, I would post this photo in a "this and that" entry. This time, however, I am showcasing it all on its own because every single time I ask for a photo there is a particular group of guys who call out, "Is this for 'A Heart Surrendered'? Are we going to be on the BLOG?!?!?" And then they rally the troops calling out, "This is for the blog, people!"
They make me laugh every time.

As they assembled tonight, I was not paying any attention to what they were saying until I heard the entire group yell, "1, 2, 3, A Heart Surrendered!"
This made me laugh out LOUD.

So this is for you, guys. (You know who you are!)
We enjoy having you in our home and look forward to many more nights of fellowship and FUN!
Thank you for making me smile and laugh ... just by being YOU!

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