Celebrating my SISTER!

In honor of 50 years of life given to her by a gracious God, our family chose to celebrate Stephanie by listing 50 things we LOVE about her! She is an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend and she makes it incredibly easy to love her.
The Lord dropped Stephanie into my life when I was a 12-year-old girl. I was excited and blessed to have a "new sister" then, and I am a thousand times more thankful for her now. 
I cannot imagine life without her.
Happy Birthday, Steph! You are a blessing and a delight, and I am grateful the Lord placed together as sisters "for such a time as this." I love you!
  1. She gives unconditional love to family.
  2. She has a kind and gentle heart.
  3. She still laughs at my stupid jokes!
  4. She ALWAYS finds time to spend with me.
  5. She smiles even when she’s feeling down.
  6. She is dependable. We can count on her.
  7. She is chipper and fun and makes us LAUGH!
  8. She is kind.
  9. She treats people with honor.
  10. She encourages others.
  11. She makes us laugh without trying.
  12. Once a cheerleader ALWAYS a cheerleader!
  13. She is LOYAL to her family and others, always wanting what is best for them.
  14. She is a great mom, and patient with her son.
  15. She is GENEROUS. Always giving time, energy, gifts, and herself.
  16. She has an infectious laugh.
  17. She is an excellent hostess!
  18. She loves the unlovable. Not because she has to - but because she WANTS to.
  19. She loves the Lord.
  20. She is the first to SERVE. In any way needed, and with JOY.
  21. She shows interest in the things I talk about. She listens.
  22. She helps me through problems and difficult times.
  23. She is a wonderful WIFE and I enjoy spending quality time alone with her.
  24. I enjoy the passion she shows when she is talking about a new show she has discovered.
  25. Fond memory: Sliding into the kitchen in her slippers and LAUGHING!
  26. She cooks and bakes our favorites for us - and we love it!
  27. She is thoughtful - constantly thinking of others.
  28. She is always ready to have FUN!
  29. She is full of optimism!
  30. She is an excellent auntie who loves to hug and hold her nieces and nephews.
  31. She loves and values her family and sacrifices for others.
  32. She is caring.
  33. She is patient.
  34. She looks for the GOOD in people.
  35. She is always kind to me and my friends even if she is upset.
  36. I appreciate her working at home and caring for our son.
  37. She is helpful and thoughtful and kind when others are struggling.
  38. Strangers? Never! Stephanie engages EVERYONE in conversation!
  39. She is an expert in geography, which is always helpful for our family.
  40. She forgives.
  41. She is JOY-filled. Always ready with a smile or laugh no matter how tough life may be at the moment.
  42. She makes people feel wanted and welcome.
  43. I appreciate every meal she prepares.
  44. She shows exceptional COURAGE and independence in heartache and difficult trials.
  45. She selflessly served her niece and nephews by keeping them connected, and showing them love when they were young.
  46. She is quick to offer PRAISE.
  47. She joyfully and willingly rejoices in the successes and happiness of others.
  48. She loves to add excitement and fun and SPARKLE to any occasion!
  49. She has a respect for the past, seeks to preserve memories, and remembers the BEST of others.
  50. She willingly serves and loves others who cannot do anything in return. She cannot help but love people - it’s who she is.

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