From now on - only commas.

The Lord used an interesting text exchange to reveal what is really churning in my heart and Dennis' heart regarding adoption.

Two days ago a dear friend sent me a text which said, "A friend just sent me a note asking if I know anyone who wants to adopt a baby. A woman just delivered her baby, but she does not want to take it home."
Friends, my heart LEAPT out of my chest, and I wanted to scream, "I want the baby!" 
But my thoughts immediately focused on the hundreds of women who have been waiting years for a child of their own. Women who would jump through hoops of fire to have a baby lovingly placed in their arms. Women who cry out to the Lord every night begging Him to give them the desire of their hearts.
There is a baby who needs a home. A family.
And there is no shortage of couples willing to love that precious little life - forever.
Lord! Thank You that You have already decided who it will be.

When I read that note I did not give one thought to gender, race, or physical health. I did not consider the cost, the need for a larger car, or the sacrifice it would require. My heart just started beating faster at the thought of giving that baby a home.
It's funny how quickly priorities change when there is no time to create spreadsheets of pros and cons and ponder every detail. What 'seems' difficult or overwhelming or undoable quickly vanishes when the REAL need is staring you in the face.
I will confess, I have been wondering if I would respond in faith when the moment of truth presented itself, or if I would hesitate because we don't have all of our proverbial ducks in a row. Now - I know! 
Thank You, Lord, for this small test of faith. I needed to know the true contents of my heart, and You showed me with crystal clarity. Prepare us, Lord. Provide what is tangibly needed, but most of all, prepare our hearts, our minds, and our attitudes so that when You say, "Here they are - take care of them!" we will respond with gratitude and JOY. We love you. Thank You for loving us FIRST.

Even more exciting than knowing my own heart was discovering my husband's.

When I told Dennis about the text from our friend he responded, "Find out the details!"
This morning, while spending the day in the mountains with other fathers and sons, he sent me a note that said, "Any update on the child that we are going to adopt?"
Talk about a yielded heart!

In 23 of marriage Dennis and I have not always been on the same page, or even in the same book, but when it comes to respite care, foster care, and adoption - we are united, and of one mind. How thankful I am for this truth!

A few years ago I read a quote that has been locked in my memory ever since. At the time I had no idea what the Lord has planned for the future, but now, looking back, I see how prophetic it was and why He let it connect itself so deeply to my heart.

Do not put a period where the Lord has placed a comma.

The period has been erased, Lord! Show us what is next.