Excellent quote - on prayer.

"The man of obedience is the man whom God will hear. 
The man's obedient heart leads him to pray humbly and with submission, 
for he feels it to be his highest desire that the Lord's will should be done. 
The man of obedient heart prays like a prophet, and his prayers are prophecies. 
Is he not one with God? 
Does he not desire and ask for exactly what God intends? 
How can a prayer shot from such a bow ever fail to reach its target? 
If your soul is in harmony with God's soul, you will wish God's own wishes. 
The difficulty is that we do not stay in harmony with God; 
but if we did, then we should strike the same note as God strikes. 
And though God's note would sound like thunder and ours as a whisper, 
yet there would be a perfect unison - the note struck by prayer on earth would coincide 
with that which sounds forth from the decrees in heaven." 
~ C. H. Spurgeon

I LOVE this.
To be so in love with, and so connected to God that my prayers are His prayers because I want nothing unless He wants it first ... 
this is what I want!
Teach me, Lord. I am willing.

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