He is HOME.

On January 3, 2015, I had the privilege of serving this young couple when they promised to love, honor, respect, and serve one another in sickness and in health until death parted them.
My only focus on that day of celebration and joy was them, and I never left Mariah's side.

For the last five days, Mariah allowed me to serve her once again as she faithfully and tenderly ministered to her husband in sickness and in death, and I never left her side.

Five days of doctors, nurses, pain medication, tears,  hugs, whispered conversations, questions about the future, visitors who left the room with red eyes and sober faces, prayer - lots of prayer, laughter, tender moments, shared meals, family, friends, hope, sadness, fear, acceptance, encouragement, 
and finally - surrender. 
Tyler is HOME.
And he has seen the face of God.

O death, where is your victory?
O death, where is your sting?
I Corinthians 15:55

Tyler was a follower of Jesus Christ and a loyal soldier in the Lord's army.
And now, he has received the crown of life - and entered into the joy of His Master.
Well done, faithful servant. Well done.

Thank You, Lord, for the beauty of this week. Your presence was evident as You walked with Tyler through the valley of the shadow of death. You never left him. You sustained him, encouraged him, and comforted him. He was at peace because You were there - as You promised You would be. 
Please, Lord, wrap Your arms around the families as they walk through the days and months ahead.
Strengthen them when they are weak. Lift them up when they are weary. Comfort them when the tears flow, and when they cry out to You because there are no words, hear them, and answer.
Thank You for creating Tyler and giving him 23 years on earth to make a difference in the lives of many - and for Your Kingdom. He was a faithful servant, as faithful in death as he was in life because He loved You and trusted that You would never leave him or forsake him. 
And You were faithful. Again.
How good it is to belong to a Father who loves us and comforts us in our deepest sorrows. 
You are such a good God, and we love You.

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