Why I write the way I write.

I am often asked, "How can you share such personal things on your blog?" And, "WHY do you share such personal things on your blog?"

It's a funny question to me because if I was making a living as a professional writer, putting my thoughts and convictions in print, no one would think twice about it. It would be my "job."
If I was a professional women's speaker traveling from church to church sharing my personal testimony and how the Lord is working my life, no one would question my vulnerability or honesty because it is expected from a speaker. The time spent writing and searching the Scriptures for Biblical support would not be considered. It would be deemed necessary.
But these sentiments do not translate to writing on a blog, for free, for anyone to see.
Strange, isn't it? The only thing that changes is the medium, yet it makes people uncomfortable and leery.
"Why would she confess sin on a blog?"
"Why would she share something personal about her marriage in a public setting?"
"Why would she admit her weaknesses and faults as a parent, wife, and friend to the world?"
"Why does she think anyone even cares about her personal life and thoughts?"

There is a simple answer.

I confess sin, share personal struggles, admit my failings and weaknesses, and discuss my thoughts and convictions because there is always someone who is experiencing the same thing - and I want her to know she is not alone.

God created us for relationship. First with Himself, and then with others.
He does not want us isolated and alone.
He wants us to be encouraged, challenged, loved, prayed for, corrected, admonished, forgiven, understood, and accepted.
That is why He created the Body of Christ.
Scripture is filled with "one anothers" that are commands - not options.

When someone is broken, scared, or afraid ... they do not always want to confide in family or friends. They want a 'safe place' where they can pour out everything - no matter how ugly it may be - knowing the person looking them in the eye is going to listen, seek to understand, empathize, and pray for them.
Sometimes, a stranger can be your best friend when you are stuck in the deepest and darkest hole.

I am willing to be that stranger.

I know nine out of ten people couldn't care less about the things I share or write.
And that's okay. I'm not writing for them.
Every word, every Scripture, every minute spent typing is for the one person who is searching for someone who "gets it" ... someone who has trudged through the same muck in which they currently find themselves ... someone who used to run like they are running now ... someone who has experienced their loss, their pain, their fears, their sorrows ... and - someone who has experienced victory, success, and healing because of a God who is eternally faithful and never leaves or forsakes those He loves.

I never know who will read one word I write. But the Lord does.
He is a God who knows our needs before we do, is always working, and uses his children to "encourage one another" "stir one another up to love and good deeds" and "comfort others with the comfort He once gave us."
I only write when He moves my hand to do so.
I have tried to write for the sake of writing, and I cannot do it. There is literally nothing that comes forth when I try to pull from the depths of myself.
But when the Lord says, "Write!" - I obey.

I have countless books, quotes, letters, and cards filled with words, thoughts, and ideas that inspire me, challenge me, convict me, thrill me, move me, and push me to want to know, understand, and love my God more.
They speak truth when I am listening to lies. They infuse life where despondency dwells. They whisper hope when fear creeps in. They convict when sin wants to reign. They recall God's goodness when emotion drowns memory. They encourage when hope seems lost. They comfort when hurt overwhelms.
Every word, every letter, every Scripture carefully strewn across those pages pushes me toward Christ.

And my greatest desire for my writing is to do the same, for someone else.

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