22 years and counting!

Today marks 22 years of marriage with this man!

We had no idea what the Lord had waiting for us when we said "I do," but He has faithfully carried us through every celebration and storm, making us stronger as individuals and as a couple.

Marriage is hard. It takes work. A lot of it.
Two selfish people choose to spend the rest of their lives giving up their own desires so they can meet the needs of the other person instead.
Sacrifice, surrender, selflessness.
Patience, humility, confession, repentance.
Service, compassion, encouragement, understanding.
Faithfulness and fidelity.
Outdoing one another in love.

Neither of us have loved the other perfectly.
We have hurt, annoyed, offended, and rejected each other.
Yet here we are ... 22 years later - still together, still in love.
And there is one reason.
We made a commitment.
We stood before the Lord promising to love, honor and cherish one another whether we 'feel like it' or not - until death.
And so we will.

I am thankful the Lord gave me a husband who chooses to love me every day, even when I am completely unlovable. 
I am thankful the Lord protected us during the 'desert years' when we wandered alone without support, encouragement or biblical counsel.
I am thankful for Scripture, sermons, Bible studies, and books that convict and challenge me in my role as a wife.
I am most thankful for a God who never stops working in the heart of His daughter, teaching her how to love, honor, respect, and submit to her husband in a way that pleases both her husband, and her Lord.

Dennis and I are not the same people we were when we said "I do." (Praise God for this truth!)
The Lord has softened us through trials,
humbled us through maturity,
made us wise through failed pride,
increased our patience through struggles,
 and strengthened our love through the simple, faithful everyday moments of life.
And we praise Him for all of it!

Thank You, Lord, for the blessing of marriage.
Thank You for the gift of my husband.
I was young and foolish the day I married, but Your wisdom was fully intact, and You knew what the future held for Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Eastman.
Thank You for Your faithfulness, Your provision, and Your grace these past two decades, Lord. There is no way we would have made it without You.

Happy Anniversary, Dennis!
I love you!

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