Busy - but not sinfully busy.

This post has been sitting in my queue since August!
I have no idea why because it is good stuff!

I remember the afternoon I listened to this sermon on my laptop because I was home with sick children the morning it was preached and heard countless people ask, "Wasn't Pastor's sermon fantastic?" I didn't know if it was fantastic, but I wanted to find out!

It has been so long that I cannot completely decipher between his words and my own notes, so I am just going to leave them as they are and trust the Lord to encourage the heart of the one who needs to hear.
Text: Mark 1: 30-39

Jesus was busy – but not sinfully busy.
His pattern: Work and withdraw

* Jesus pausing – He had been working all day, teaching, preaching, healing, performing miracles
The following morning He slips into the wilderness ALONE - away from the noise and needs of the crowd.
"Be still ..."

When life is busy and ministry is thriving – we need to REST!

Jesus engaged in life – preaching and healing – but He knew that time with the Father had to be FIRST – even when He knew there were needs upon needs: sick people, hurting people, dying people – He left them to commune with the Father!

Engage – disengage – engage – disengage ... The rhythm of Jesus



Being still consistently teaches us to to be receptive to His voice!
He is ALWAYS speaking!

- Retreats affirm the priority of the Spiritual
- Retreats slow.us.down – allow our souls to catch up with our bodies

Time with God cannot be rushed.
Like a three course meal ... relaxed, refreshing

When we do not slow down it is an issue of PRIDE.
We think we are indispensable. “If I don’t do/say/plan "xyz" then it will all fall apart.”
Lack of faith – if YOU are not the one 'doing' success will not happen.
The focus is on SELF – and therefore, sin.

Is God not big enough to handle things in your time of rest?!? (A humbling question!)

Retreat affirms God’s help in life’s challenges.
Rest/reflect/recharge (story of Elijah in the wilderness - I Kings 19 - he was about to give up but the Lord starts him up again! WONDERFUL example of God's care for our personal refreshment in time of weariness.)

* Jesus Praying
His significant moments are marked in prayer. (His baptism, Gethsemane, His crucifixion)
There is a NEED to pray.
Jesus IS God! And yet – He understood the importance and need to spend time with the Father in prayer.
He lived as a man – and men need strength, patience, long suffering, wisdom
He was in total dependence on the Father. For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will but the will of Him who sent me. John 6:38

Understanding our weakness makes us see how desperately we need to seek the Lord in prayer!
When we know how weak we are we will RUN to the throne seeking wisdom and strength.
Amen, Amen, AMEN!

* Jesus prioritizing
“Everyone is looking for you” – for healing and demon cleansing
But that was NOT why He came. He came to preach the Word.
He responds: Yep, I know. Let’s move on so I can preach! (Mark 1:38, Michelle's adapted version)

Jesus had to keep His focus – especially once His popularity rose
Doing the will of the Father was that focus.

Healing/casting out demons were all  GOOD things to do -
but not the BEST of the good
Eternal salvation is much better than present healing. (Wow. That's perspective!)

*** Jesus DID NOT do it all. ***
---> Neither should you!

There will always be needs – even dire needs – but that does not mean you can, or should, respond to every one!

Love God and love others by saying NO.
You cannot compromise your time with Him
or your time of quiet to be refreshed by Him.

FOCUS comes when we take time to step away - and see the big picture.
push away the non-essentials
pull the important together
prioritize what is most important, to the least important
and then - reengage

And then do it again.
And again.
And again.

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