A quote - and a thought.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven!" Matthew 5:16

O soul, consider this deeply - it is the life of a Christian which carries more conviction and persuasion than his words. Though, like an angel, you talk of Christ, of the gospel, of the doctrines of grace, and of Heaven - yet, if you indulge devilish tempers, and live under the power of any sinful lusts and passions - you will hereby harden others against the things of God and prevent their setting out in the ways of God. Study and pray to be a consistent walker in the ways of holiness; else, all is but windy profession and airy talk.

O how much harm is done to Christ's cause - by the unholy walk of many professors!

"For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life!" 1 Thessalonians 4:7
                                                                             ~ John Bunyan
                                     ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This quote should make the heart quicken in the chest of every believer!

When we speak the truth of Scripture - and then continue in sin ... 
When we ask others to live out those same truths - and then continue in sin ... 
When we place expectations of holiness on others - and then willingly live in the flesh ...
we are hypocrites of the worst kind.

And who is always watching closely from the front row?
Our family.
Spouse - children - parents - siblings.
They observe every messy stitch hidden beneath the beautiful cloth we show to others.
And our testimony is destroyed.

This quote hit me hard.
Not because I expect others, or myself, to be perfect (it is unattainable this side of heaven), but because I know I am not perfectly SEEKING the way of holiness every single day.
I let too many distractions, desires, and emotions determine my day instead of throwing myself into the direction of holiness and letting the tide carry me in its power.

John Bunyan penned this thought. The same genius who authored The Pilgrim's Progress.
His thoughts convict me, and I pray I will secure the same conviction of Spirit he possessed as I continue to grow and mature in Christ.

Study and pray to be a consistent walker in the ways of holiness.
Lord! Show me how to do this!
Give me the DESIRE to do this!
Make me hate my sin more than I do so I can love my Savior more than I do.
And thank You. Thank You that You are a God of forgiveness, grace, and mercy.
I did not understand how valuable they were when I was young, but now I find myself wanting to live in them as I see myself more and more through YOUR eyes, rather than my own.
I can excuse and justify much. But all You see when You look at me is the precious blood of Your Son.
Make me see myself the same way.
Bought with a price.
Expected to love You, serve You, obey You, and praise You BECAUSE of Your love.
How much I have to learn, Lord.
Mold me and shape me into one of Your best students.
I am ready.
A little nervous, but I am ready.
Thank You, Lord. For everything.
May I be a woman who not only learns to walk in the ways of holiness - but becomes a marathon runner who never, ever veers off course.

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