Read the WORD!!


This is such a perfect, honest, true, and BEAUTIFUL description of why we need to be in the Word of God every single day of our lives.
Without excuse.
Without fail.
We NEED the Word more than we need our next breath.
Nothing else satisfies.
Nothing else changes us or affects us the way the living Word of God penetrates our souls.

I pray this will encourage, challenge and convict you ... it is writings like these that spur me on and make me want God more.  And more.  And MORE.

Read the Word!
Bury yourself in it!
Hold it to your chest.
Savor every chapter, every verse, every word ... even the ones that are hard to swallow.
Beg the Lord to give you an insatiable desire and a craving for His Word.  So much so that you cannot go to sleep at night until you have touched that precious book and meditated on the truths He reveals to you.

The Word of God is LIFE.  It sufficient for all things.  And it brings a peace and contentment that cannot be found anywhere else.

Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long.  Psalm 119:27

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly!" Colossians 3:16

Probably prayer is less neglected in devotions, than is the reading of the Bible. Many people who would not go out any morning without a few moments of prayer, will go forth day after day into the thick of life's duties and perils, without reading even a verse of Scripture! They feel the necessity of asking God to keep, guide and bless them - but they fail to realize that it is in and through meditating on His Word, that God chiefly gives His richest and best blessings.

It is in His Word, that God reveals Himself. We cannot know what He is like, nor what the attributes of His character are - unless we ponder the Scriptures. We cannot learn what God's will is, nor what He would have us to do and to be - if we do not look into His Word. There is nothing that we need more, than to hear God speaking to us every morning. This is possible, only as we open the Bible and let its words whisper their messages to us.

No matter how familiar we may be with the teachings of the Scriptures, we need to ponder them anew every morning to keep their pure ideals and lofty requirements ever before us, lest we allow our standard of holy living to be lowered.

A celebrated painter always kept some purely-colored stones on his table. When asked by a visitor why he did so, he said it was to keep his eye up to tone. When he was working in pigments, unconsciously his sense of color was weakened. By keeping a pure color near him he brought his eye up to tone again, just as the musician by his tuning-fork brings himself up to the right pitch. In the same way, we continually need to turn to God's Word to keep our thoughts, and character, and life up to the true standard.

One of the ways the Bible helps us, is by making Christ known to us. The noblest Christian is he before whose eyes, the character of Jesus shines in brightest splendor. Indeed, it is only when we have clear visions of Christ, that we really grow like Him.

Many of the blessings we seek in prayer, can come to us only through the Word of God:

We ask to be kept near the heart of Christ - but our Master tells us that only those who keep His commandments shall abide in His love. In order to keep His commandments, we must know them - and we can know them only by reading and re-reading them.

We ask God in the morning to guide us through the day, and in one of the psalms is the prayer, "Order my steps according to Your Word." That is, God leads us by His Word. If then we do not read the words of God, how can we get His guidance?

The leading He promises is not general, by long stretches - but by little steps. The Psalmist says, "Your Word is a lamp unto my feet." It is not said that prayer is the lamp - but the Word. We must carry it in our hand, too, as one carries a lantern to throw its beams about his feet.

We pray to be kept from sin, and in the Scriptures one says, "Your Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against You." Our prayers to be kept from sin, can be answered only by getting the Word of God into our heart!

These are suggestions of the necessity of reading the Bible daily, as well as of praying. Neither is complete in itself alone. We must talk to God - but we must also listen to God talk to us through His Word. We must pray for blessings - but only through the divine words of Scripture, can these blessings come to us.
                                                                                                ~J.R. Miller

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