A small thing that makes a big difference.

A couple of years ago I was blessed by a sweet sister when she surprised me with a gift.  It still hangs in our home - right in the center of the house - and I still love it.

I had the pleasure of meeting her about a year ago and found her to be as delightful as I had imagined.  We enjoyed dinner together with a mutual friend, and as we talked and talked, she handed me a bag with a new piece of art I had ordered, and tucked inside I found a sweet surprise - note cards!  (yes, I like stationery that much!)  They were fabulous - every single one covered in Scripture.

There were two cards that jumped out at me right away, and I knew I would never send them to anyone.
When I returned home I took both cards, cut them, grabbed a piece of cardboard, glued the fronts to each side, and promptly set it on my kitchen windowsill.

When I am feeling confident, energized, purposeful, and strong ... this is the side that shows:

This is one of my favorite phrases from Scripture.  I fully believe the Lord created us for a specific time, a specific people, and a specific culture.  We serve a God of purpose and He promises that He has a plan for each of us.  What a wonderful truth to cling to!

However, if I am feeling overwhelmed, despondent, fatigued or beaten down ... this is the side that shows:

Aren't these wonderful?  Not only do they reflect the current state of my heart and mind, they draw my thoughts back to the Lord and remind me that HE is the reason I am here - right now - and HE is the One who can get me through any trial, great or small.

One little 5x5 piece of cardboard.
Two truths of Scripture.
A sweet gift given by a lovely sister.
The value:  Priceless.