A day of memories ... and feeling His love.

Today we honor our son, Matthew Isaac.

The Lord had His own plans for how this day would go, and each piece was perfect ... encouraging, uplifting, thoughtful, and ~ peaceful.

From the time I woke up, the Lord showed me His love and care for me by giving me a day filled with these things ~

time in the Word and prayer with my children
a memorial service, which was moving and convicting and beautiful
notes in my inbox from friends telling me they are praying for me
beautiful flowers from my husband, who also misses our son
a walk in the sunshine with a young woman who needed encouragement
a conversation with a woman at my kitchen counter who just wanted to share her life
baking dozens of cookies
and, dinner and games - as a family

The family the Lord chose for us.
We are missing one.  
One little boy we will one day see face to face.
But there are six here.  Six who need me, and six who want me.
And that is where my strength came from today ... knowing that the Lord chose me for them.
Right now,
for such a time as this.
And I do not want to miss any of it.

Lord, thank You for today.  You kept my mind totally fixed on You, and You knew exactly what I needed.  I love my husband and I love my children ~ and I love the son I have never known.  Everything I have
everything I know
everything I can do
everything I understand ...
is because of You.
Thank You, Lord, for walking me through this day seven years ago - because I am not the same woman I was then, and I know You will not let me stay the woman I am now.  I am so glad you will continue Your work in me until You call me home.  I need You, Lord.  I need You.

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