Don't give up!

Yesterday afternoon the boys were arguing about who should clean up a mess Samson made.  (He found some popcorn kernels and chocolate ... you can imagine the result.)  After a few minutes of fighting for pecking order, Caleb lost, and was relegated to finding carpet cleaner and a rag.  We heard him mumble, and then a brother exclaimed, "Oh, what?  Do you want to send him back to the pound?"  Caleb responded, "No.  I love Samson!!  I'm just tired of taking care of him."

Dennis and I, in separate rooms, laughed at the same time and hollered to one another, "Did you hear that??"  We laughed again.  "Talk about a life mantra!  How many things could be described that way?"

I love being married, but I am tired of working on communication with my husband.
I love being a mom, but I am tired of taking care of my children.
I love my car, but I am tired of putting gas in it.
I love being healthy, but I am tired of exercising and eating good food.
I love my job, but I am tired of working every day.
I love being a Christian, but I am tired of obeying God's Word.
I love having friends, but I am tired of encouraging them.
I love my home, but I am tired of keeping it clean.
I love clothes, but I am tired of washing them.
I love eating, but I am tired of fixing meals.

You never hear anyone complain:

I love skiing, but I am tired of the snow.
I love surfing, but I am tired of catching waves.
I love hot fudge sundaes, but I am tired of eating whipped cream.
I love watching football, but I am tired of owning a television.
I love going on vacation, but I am tired of visiting new countries.
I love my wife, but I am tired of being intimate with her.

It reminds me of a fantastic quote from the movie The Great Debaters:

 We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do. 

Sorry, Caleb!  Taking care of a dog is probably one of the easiest responsibilities you will ever have.  And, like everything else you are required to do in your 8-year-old world - it is training.  For LIFE.

Keep pressing on, son.  Keep pressing on.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

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